20′ Refrigerated Container

RAVA Rentals’ specialty is in keeping your perishables fresh with extra on-site refrigerated storage and 24/7 personalized customer service. The 20′ Refrigerated Container is zinc-coated and contain corrosion-resistant stainless steel lining, ensuring that they will withstand the most severe weather conditions while maintaining thermal efficiency.

Ready to cool – High-Efficiency 20′ Reefers

• Insulated to keep your products fresh!

• Interior lights

• Ready for any heavy loads & traffic.

• Full all-weather roof for outdoor – indoor use – Air-tight / Water-tight storage.

• Easy Access –  on your site placement

• Buy or Rent 20′ Refrigerated Container for on-site cold storage in Miami, Florida. Our Containers are in New or Used Condition.

Temperature Range:

-22F to 86F

Condition: New or Used

20′ length x 8′ width x 9’6″ height

Electrical Requirements:
3 Phase 220 volts / 60 Amps breaker required
3 Phase 480 volts/ 30 Amps breaker required

Operation Temperatures:
-20°F to 75°F

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